Soils in Crisis Parliamentary Reception

23rd October 2017
4-6pm at the Terrace Pavilion, House of Commons

Hosted by Rebecca Pow MP

The Event

This event will bring together political, corporate, NGO, agricultural, academic and environmental leaders with economist and risk experts to create a strong, irresistible network to initiate and create momentum for change.

Attendees will be invited to experience an exchange of contributions with well-informed stakeholders in soil health and to share their organisation’s and personal commitment to reversing the soil crisis to achieve real change together.

The event will provide a forum for leaders to collectively influence policy to arrest and reverse our looming soils crisis.

The Objective

We are a task and finish group and aim to work with and build on the achievements of all our partner organisations. This initiative is inclusive, supported by diverse stakeholders brought together by a common interest in the future of soil health. It builds on the Soils in Crisis Commitment Meeting and will lead and catalyse a policy transition to restore ours soils to health, for food security, human health, economic prosperity and flood and climate change mitigation.

The event is the next important step on the road to the step-change conference that will  transform the debate on soil, as the Stern Review did for climate change. For a better, more secure and sustainable future.

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We are losing topsoil at a rate of 2.2 million tonnes a year in England alone, washed from our fields into the sea.

Defra (2009) Safeguarding our Soils – A Strategy for England




Treework Environmental Practice is the industry-leading arboricultural consultancy providing high quality services to clients throughout the UK. Visit the main website to read more about the company behind the seminar series and their mission.

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