Trees, Roots, Fungi, Soil (Part 1) 

Below-Ground Ecosystem & Implications for Tree Health

Date: 13th November 2008


In this one-day event we brought together UK and international speakers with knowledge of interactions between saprotrophs, tree-root pathogens and mycorrhizal fungi to improve our understanding of below-ground interactions between fungi and trees, and the conditions for health and pathogenicity to support practitioners in their endeavours to beneficially influence tree health.

This conference examined the implications of climate change, pollution, high nitrogen levels, soil conditions and new tree diseases. It explored what constitutes a healthy environment in which trees can grow and different ways of addressing adverse impacts on functioning root activity. It concentrated on research into soil amelioration and processes that lead to breakdown in functioning soil ecology influencing 'pathogenicity'. There was a strong focus on different experiments and experiences of soil ecology rejuvenation, including mineralization and whether these have universal relevance or are specific to certain ecosystems.


Prof. Lynne Boddy (Cardiff University)
Lecture 1: Underground mycology: The relations between fungi, soil and tree

Prof. Richard Bardgett (Lancaster University)
Lecture 2: Insights into the belowground ecology of forest ecosystems

Prof. Alan Gange (Royal Holloway)
Lecture 3: Climate change impacts on Woodland Saprotrophs &  Mycorrhizas

Dr. Nick Haycock (Haycock Associates Ltd / University of Manchester)
Lecture 4: Ground compaction, nitrogen & phosphorus deposition: the effects upon soil & water quality

Prof. Jan Čermák (Brno University)
Lecture 5: Tree eco-physiology:  Investigations into tree water relations, structure & growth

Dr Lee Klinger (Independent scientist, USA)
Lecture 6: A holistic approach to mitigating pathogenic effects on trees: Case studies including use of soil amendments