Trees and Urban Climate Adaptation 

A social agenda for liveable cities
In partnership with the Forestry Commission

Venue: The Royal Geographical Society, 1 Kensington Gore, London SW7 2AR

Date: 19th November 2009


This conference built on the success of the 2008 Trees: The Key to Climate Proofing Our Cities conference focusing on the University of Manchester's research showing the influence of green infrastructure on the urban climate.

Available data underpin the case for ensuring there is no avoidable loss of large-canopy urban trees, providing for future large trees in urban design and planning, and bringing our parks into city streets. To effect necessary change, no change in legislation is necessary - but rather a co-ordination and re-direction of thinking and practice.

The conference's aim was to mobilise policy makers and the wider community to ensure a sustainable urban forest canopy capable of meeting future climate adaptation needs. It was premised on the concept that the urban canopy agenda can be met by including climate adaptation within the national health and well-being agenda.


Professor John Handley OBE, University of Manchester
Conference Chair
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Dr Susannah Gill, University of Manchester
The essential role of trees: Adapting cities to climate change by managing high temperatures and reducing pressure on drainage systems
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Dr Mark Johnston MBE, Myerscough College
Trees in Towns II: Government recognition of urban forest needs
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Martin Kelly, MD Capita Lovejoy / Trees and Design Action Group
Big trees in the four-dimensional urban realm
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Diane Smith, Town & Country Planning Association
Planning for eco-towns: Water and green Infrastructure, A European perspective
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Tony Hutchings, Forest Research
The Forest Research Climate Change and Street Trees project
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Dr Paula Vandergert, Commission for Architecture in the Built Environment (CABE) 
Sustainable cities: Creating tools for better green urban design
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Pete Stringer, Red Rose Forest
Green infrastructure: A vehicle for working with communities to tackle climate change
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Katie Roberts , Trees for Cities
Securing urban trees through community involvement: Planting street and community trees in disadvantaged urban locations
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Isabel Dedring, Mayoral Advisor on the Environment
The spatial framework for London and the importance of London's urban canopy
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Eugene Dreyer, Terry Farrell & Partners
The Thames Gateway: The design vision and creating treed infrastructure
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Tim Rollinson, Director General of the Forestry Commission
Keynote Address

Neville, Treework Environmental Practice
Arboriculture's role in trees and climate adaptation